Colorstrology in partnership with Pantone, Inc has created a color palette for every month and every date within the month. They are designed to help you understand your personality and "numerological" significance for your special date. Every month and date has a unique color just as every person is.

Color of the MonthEdit

The color for January is Caramel. Pantone says that people born in January are logical, surefooted and that caramel is a color of substance and determination. The color caramel helps us feel stable and responsible by being more down-to-earth. Surrounding ourselves with caramel promotes practicality.


  • Practical
  • Determined
  • Builder


The color of January 14 is Baked Clay. People born on January 14 have a sharp mind with a keen and witty intellect. They are articulate and full of intriguing ideas. Those born on January 14 tend to have the gift of gab and usually possess creative arts. Surrounding ourselves with Baked Clay promotes leadership abilities while balancing spontaneity and enthusiasm.

  • Enterprising
  • Humorous
  • Keen



Color of the Year
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