Colorstrology in partnership with Pantone, Inc has created a color palette for every month and every date within the month. They are designed to help you understand your personality and "numerological" significance for your special date. Every month and date has a unique color just as every person is unique.

Color of the Month

The color for August is Sun Orange. Sun Orange is a royal color that signifies power and wealth. The color is associated with the sun and representative of light. Surrounding ourselves in Sun Orange makes us happier while bringing us monetary security.


  • Regal
  • Inspiring
  • Powerful

August 23

The color of August 26 is Autumn Sunset. People born on August 26 are natural leaders, loyal and committed. Autumn Sunset helps you feel more at ease while surrounding yourself in the color channels your creativity.

  • Devoted
  • Persistent
  • Intense
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